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SysOps Engineer




Global, Remote

The Position

This position is a temporary contract position. We have a product launch coming up in May and need infrastructure written and validated for that.

Past the initial work, we're happy to discuss a long-term retainer.


The duties include but are not limited to:

  • Provide feedback on current (in progress) infrastructure
  • Help develop the infrastructure further to ensure a smooth product launch

Pay & Benefits

  • Let's keep it simple, we're willing to pay for a high-quality applicant. We don't lowball you. Our given range of $60/hr to $90/hr is what we've estimated based on the experience needed compared to the timeline and workload necessary. But this is VERY flexible given the right candidate.

What you NEED to have experience with

  • Pulumi (on TypeScript, with GCP)
  • Kubernetes (we use GKE, but regular Kubernetes is fine too)
  • Docker/Containerization
  • GCP
    • General experience with the platform
    • Cloud SQL (Postgres)
    • Memorystore (Redis)
  • Administrating and scaling SQL databases like Postgres
  • Administrating and scaling Redis

Extra things we want, but are not NEEDs

  • SQL Database performance tuning (schema optimizations, query optimizations, parameter tweaking)
  • Grafana & Prometheus
  • Distributed logging (example: ELK)
  • Experience scaling live service games


Because our product is based on Discord (The chat app), you must have an account to apply. This is how we communicate with our team, and where we'll do the technical interview as well.