Dank Memer Rules
By using Dank Memer, you agree to the following rules. If you break any rules we reserve the right to remove your access to any and all Dank Memer services.
Rule One
User-bots, Spamming, Automation, and Macros
Usage of user-bots, macros, scripts, auto-typers, or anything else enabling automation of commands is not allowed. In addition, massive amounts of command/button spam are not allowed and will result in a bot ban.
Rule Two
Sharing Exploits
Sharing exploits or exploitative bugs with other users is forbidden. Please report all exploits and bugs to staff on the Dank Memer Support Server so that we can fix it as soon as possible.
Rule Three
Giveaway Requirements or Bot Usage Requirements in Your Server
You should not lock the bot, or giveaways for the bot, behind paywalls. Practices such as Patreon roles, donor roles (with IRL money), and so forth are not allowed for giveaway requirements or role locks. The only exception is boosters; we will allow you to lock things behind being a booster for your server. Things like level locks using external bots are acceptable. When using leveling systems, granting bypasses or faster leveling with paywalls is not allowed.
Rule Four
Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, Slurs
We will not tolerate hate speech of any kind through the usage of Dank Memer. We will not punish you for what you say outside of the use of our commands. Evidence found of this done through our services will result in punishment.
Rule Five
Using Dank Memer to advertise or promote anything will result in a punishment. This rule includes advertising other Discord servers or discord bots. You may use our currency in our /serverevents system to reward your members for being members, but attaching advertisements to the giveaways is not allowed. Patrons who can send giveaway messages in our /giveaway system may not advertise through that either.
Rule Six
Real Money Trading
Dank Memer's currency is not to be traded for real money, discord nitro, or other bot currencies. Buying anything with real money outside of our Patreon and website will get you a ban.
Rule Seven
Starting or spreading harmful rumors about the bot, causing unnecessary drama within our servers about the bot, or witch-hunting staff members are all ban-worthy behaviors.
Rule Eight
Discord Terms of Service and Usage Guidelines
Through usage of Dank Memer, you accept Dank Memer's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Additionally, you accept Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines , these of which are enforceable through Dank Memer. We will send reports to Discord about our users breaking their terms when deemed necessary.
Rule Nine
Using the bot in any form of scamming other people is strictly forbidden. This rule includes but is not limited to: Using the friend system for trading with strangers, inviting people to your enable robbed server under false pretenses, tricking people into accepting market offers, and more. Examples of situations that are NOT scamming: Over/under pricing things on the market, robbing people without needing to trick them, buying ALL of something on the market and selling them again at a higher price for higher margins, or inviting someone to your rob-enabled server and NOT lying about rob being disabled.
Rule Ten
Alternate Accounts
Alternate account usage is allowed in all circumstances except to circumvent a bot ban or vote on bot list websites. The alternate accounts must follow the same rules as any actual user, and if you break a rule on an alt, we will ban all associated accounts we deem as likely alts/mains. You may not use alternate accounts to inflate your server member count for /serverevents.